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Illuminator is yet another wrapper around ILGenerator, with some interesting features:

  1. Fluent, convenient API with functional programming flavor.
  2. Tracing the generated code.
  3. Transparent abstraction.
  4. .netstandard2.0 support.

This library was emerged from another project, which I implemented with code emission, and was field tested in it. That is a library which can generate comparers on runtime for any structure or class.

Fluent functional API

Let imagine we need to generate the following code:

Using vanilla ILGenerator you may write something like this:

So much code for such simple function! When you need to write a more complex thing, it becomes not possible…

When you buy a keyboard that costs almost 400€, you probably ̶i̶n̶s̶a̶n̶e̶ ̶ want to use it 100%. Initially I planned to configure the peripheral buttons only. But since with a non-standard keyboard you have to learn how to type again, I thought “why not learn a new layout?”

The only Dvorak came to mind. After a short investigation it’s turned out that Dvorak is not much better than Qwerty. And some people aren’t particularly keen on Colemak.

For that reason people have created quite a few different layouts. In addition to well known Dvorak and Colemak we have:

In this small post I show how to configure Powerlines for PowerShell Core and Windows Terminal.

Default shells on Windows are far from perfect. Very, very far, to put it mildly. I think, the reason for this is that Microsoft doesn’t really want their users to go into the internal details of their products. Therefore, they don’t give us the proper tools. Or perhaps this is a weird way of promoting Linux systems. But in recent years, the situation has been changing for the better. What makes me happy.

I’ve been using Cmder for a long time. It’s a very…

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This post is about my first practical experience of acquaintance with the language. To make the post not completely boring, I did benchmarking to compare the implementations based on r2d2, bb8 crates, and ASP.NET.

It can not be an exhaustive overview because I am not a professional Rust developer. And of course I will not tell anything new about the language. But I think people who are interested in Rust should keep the interest and promote it.

So, after ten years of development and five years after the official release Rust should be mature enough. Right? When it has been…

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